Malta, 2008

(updated 4 July, 2008)

Session Title
Session Abstract
1 Ray Laurence r.laurence@bham.ac.uk  UK Interaction in the Roman city laurence.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
2 Terence Meaden, Nikos Chausidis  terence.meaden@conted.ox.ac.uk UK, Macedonia An archaeology of mother earth sites and sanctuaries meaden.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
3 Marek Zvelebil, Andrzej Weber M.Zvelebil@sheffield.ac.uk UK Bioarchaeology of individual life histories zvelebil.pdf  APPROVED SESSION FULL
4 Robin Skeates, Agni Prijatelj, Goce Naumov robin.skeates@durham.ac.uk UK, Slovenia, Macedonia  Early stamps in Europe skeates.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
5 Aleks Pluskowski, Krish Seetah a.g.pluskowski@reading.ac.uk  UK Archaeologies of crusading, conversion and colonisation in medieval Europe III pluskowski.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
6 Dragos Gheorghiu, Julia Wiecken, Emannuela Zimmermann gheorghiu_dragos@yahoo.com  Romania, UK, Switzerland Experimenting the past gheorghiu.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
7 Francesco Iacono, Gabriel Moshenska  f.iacono@ucl.ac.uk  UK European Archaeology and Marxism iacono.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
8 Lars Larsson Lars.Larsson@ark.lu.se Sweden Prehistory revised larsson.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
9 John Carman j.carman@bham.ac.uk UK Terrains of conflict  carman.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
10 Margarita Diaz-Andreu, Jacek Leach m.diaz-andreu@dur.ac.uk UK, Poland Internationalism and the history of archaeology diaz-andreu.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
11 Caroline Malone c.malone@qub.ac.uk UK Narrative, memory and cosmology malone.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
12 Simon Stoddart, Manfred Beitak, Hartmut Matthaus, James Whitley ss16@cam.ac.uk UK, Austria, Germany, Wales Connectivity and indigenous dynamics  stoddart.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
13 Howard Williams howard.williams@chester.ac.uk  UK The Barbarian in the history of European archaeology williams.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
14 George Dimitriadis, Maria Gurova, George Nash gdimitriadis@herac.gr Italy, Bulgaria, UK Prehistoric technology: cognition and the act of artefact production dimitriadis.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
15 John Schofield, Rosemary Phillipson John.Schofield@english-heritage.org.uk UK Sense of place in European context - what it means and why it matters schofield.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
16 Bernard Knapp, Peter van Dommelen b.knapp@archaeology.arts.gla.ac.uk UK Material connections: colonialism, materiality and Mediterranean identities knapp.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
17 Kate Lantzas, Katherine Harrell prp07cl@sheffield.ac.uk  UK Plus ça change? Changing depositional practices of the EIA lantzas.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
18 Amanda-Alice Maravelia,    Galina A. Belova nut_ntrt@hol.gr Russia European Egyptologists in Egyptian Archaeology: a modern interdisciplinary approach maravelia.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
19 Margarita Sánchez Romero, Nancy Wicker, Tove Hjørungdal, Liv Helga Dommasnes, Sandra Montón Subías  marsanch@ugr.es  Spain, USA, Sweden, Norway Gender, identity and materiality: 
Session 1 - The construction of knowledge

Gender, identity and materiality: 
Session 2 - New pathways

20 Juan Antonio Cámara Serrano, José Andrés Alfonso Marrero jacamara@ugr.es Spain Links between megalithism and hypogeism in western Mediterranean Europe camara_serrano.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
21 John Bintliff, Natasha Shishlina j.l.bintliff@arch.leidenuniv.nl Netherlands, Russia Lifeways (Modes de vie) and cultural identity in the archaeological and ethnohistorical record bintliff.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
22 Marinella Pasquinucci, Timothy Gambin, Nick Marriner, Irena Radic Rossi  tgambin@hotmail.com Italy, Malta, France, Croatia   Cities and port systems: from antiquity to the Middle Ages gambin.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
23 Anthony Harding A.F.Harding@exeter.ac.uk UK  Fictitious pasts: a danger for European archaeology?  harding.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
24 Tera Pruitt, Britt Baillie bab30@cam.ac.uk UK Deconstructing post-conflict reconstruction pruitt.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
25 Christopher Prescott, Haakon Glorstad hakon.glorstad@khm.uio.no Norway Becoming European? glorstad.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
26 Gonzalo Aranda Jimenez, Sandra Monton Subias garanda@ugr.es Spain Commensality rituals in the prehistoric societies of Europe aranda.pdf APPROVED WITHDRAWN
27 Yvonne Marshall, Faye Simpson, Gerry Wait fs216@exeter.ac.uk  UK The public, archaeological specialists, and the corporate world simpson.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
28 Jody Joy, Kristin Oma JJoy@thebritishmuseum.ac.uk UK, Norway The biographical approach: where do we go from here?  joy.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
29 Robin Standring, Dave Cowley Dave.Cowley@rcahms.gov.uk UK Archives and applications: historic aerial imagery as a resource for Europe’s cultural heritage cowley.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
30 Thomas Meier, Petra Tillessen thomas.meier@projektPetersberg.de Germany Archaeological imaginations of religion meier.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
31 Aleks Pluskowski, Krish Seetah, Helen Dawson, Reuben Grima, Rebecca Rennell ks354@cam.ac.uk (Part 1)
ioa-fire@ucl.ac.uk (Part 2) 
UK, Malta Island archaeologies: themes and challenges seetah.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
32 Karol Dziegielewski, Marcin S. Przybyla,
Anna Gawlik
karol.dziegielewski@uj.edu.pl Poland Migrations in Bronze and Early Iron Age Europe dziegielewski.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
33 Anna-Karin Andersson,
Johan Gunnarsson
anna-karin.andersson@hik.se Sweden Alternative approaches by the next generation: local and regional envisagements andersson.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
34 Tomasz Kalicki, Bartlomiej Szmoniewski, Valentina P. Zernitskaya tomaszkalicki@yahoo.co.uk Poland, Belarus Human Impact on Lowland, Uplands and Mountains Geosystems:  Similarities and differences II  kalicki.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
35 Mads Kähler Holst, Tereza Kovárová,
Hrvoje Potrebica 
mads.holst@hum.au.dk Denmark, Czech Republic, Croatia  Barrow knowledge: ritual practices and monumental ideas holst.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
36  Knut Andreas Bergsvik knut.bergsvik@ahkr.uib.no Norway Caves in context: the economical, social and ritual importance of caves and rockshelters bergsvik.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
37 Shelia Kohring, Rebecca Farbstein  sek34@cam.ac.uk UK  Representation, image and the materiality of technology kohring.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
38 Stephanie Koerner, Laurent Olivier  Stephanie.Koerner@manchester.ac.uk UK, France  Re-visiting Pandora’s Hope: technological choice and re-constructing plurality of human expertise and aspirations koerner.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
39 Valérie Delattre valerie.delattre@inrap.fr  France Around the body: funerary practices in comparative perspective delattre.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
40 Ulla Odgaard, Hans Peter Blankholm Ulla.Odgaard@natmus.dk Denmark, Norway Mobility and migration in hunter-gatherer societies odgaard.pdf  APPROVED  SESSION FULL
41 Marie-Jeanne Ghenne, Graham Fairclough Graham.Fairclough@english-heritage.org.uk Belgium, UK “Are we there yet?” ? Archaeologists and the European Landscape Convention fairclough.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
42 Gerry Wait, Arkadiusz Marciniak arekmar@amu.edu.pl UK, Poland Archaeology and civil engineering: issues, problems, solutions wait.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
43 Margaret Gowen, Karen Waugh mmgowen@mglarc.com Ireland, The Netherlands Models of delivering research in European development-led archaeology (2) gowen.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
44 Anna Arnberg, Tove Stjärna tove.stjarna@ark.su.se Sweden Communicate the Past! Ways to present archaeology to the public stjarna.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
45 Arkadiusz Marciniak arekmar@amu.edu.pl Poland E-learning solutions in teaching and training in archaeology in Europe (round table)  marciniak.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
46 Gilbert Soeters, M. Lodewijckx Gilbert.Soeters@maastricht.nl The Netherlands, Belgium International archaeological investigation today: game without frontiers? soeters.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
47 Christian Schuster, Lolita Nikolova cristianschuster@yahoo.com Romania, Bulgaria, USA Sexuality and cultural reproduction in prehistoric Eurasia schuster.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
48 Maria Emanuela Alberti, Serena Sabatini serena.sabatini@archaeology.gu.se Italy, Sweden Exchange, interaction, conflicts and transformations: Social and cultural changes in Europe and the Mediterranean between the Bronze and Iron Age sabatini.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
49  Lolita Nikolova, Marco Merlini lnikolova@iianthropology.org Bulgaria, Italy, USA Structure and function of wealth in prehistoric Eurasia  nikolova.pdf  APPROVED SESSION FULL
50  Taras Tkachuk, Andrzej Pelisiak tkachukt@gmail.com Ukraine, Poland  Cucuteni-Trypolie and the outside world: connections and interactions tkachuk.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
51 Sasa Caval,
Martina Knavs
Martina.Knavs@ijs.si  Slovenia Astronomical aspects of archaeological cultures caval.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
52 Aleksandra Rzeszotarska-Nowakiewicz, Timo Ibsen olenkarn@iaepan.edu.pl  Poland, Germany Late Iron Age and Early Medieval graveyards in NE Europe: continuity and change  rzeszotarska_nowakiewicz.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
53 Kenneth Aitchison, Elin Dalen, Terje Hovland, Mark Spanjer  kenneth.aitchison@archaeologists.net UK, Norway, The Netherlands From the cradle to the horizon: the Valletta Convention and the future of European archaeology aitchison.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL
54  Cornelius Holtorf,  Bodil Petersson  Cornelius.Holtorf@ark.lu.se Sweden  Archaeology as time travel holtorf.pdf APPROVED SESSION FULL